PRODOVIEW_top_left France is recognized around the world for its production of world class wines. A paradox of nature – the poor soil and generally unfavorable weather conditions – produce grapes of stellar quality to create world-class wines. France’s varied terroir allows the grapes to garner the flavor of the specific region. The wine is the soil and soil is the wine. Consequently the same varietal planted in different locations will develop a different set of flavor and style characteristics.

Bordeaux is world renowned for its wines. Bordeaux is divided into several regions including Bordeaux Superior. This prestigious designation requires producers to cultivate lower grape yields and reflect the style and elegance that Bordeaux is known for. The terroir plays a pivotal role with top estates aiming to make terroir driven wines that reflect the place they are from, often from a single vineyard. The clay-limestone/sandy-limestone soil benefits from the warm summer sun that nurtures the vines to perfection. Cool humid winters follow creating an ideal microclimate for the noble vines. The geographical foundation for the region is limestone which is heavy in calcium. This structure coupled with the tributaries that irrigate the land – the Garonne and the Dordogne Rivers – creates the regions oceanic climate – a climate that gives birth to truly exceptional wine. It is truly a wine lover’s paradise.

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