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Vodka meets Tequila. A unique fusion of 80% vodka and 20% Blue Agave Blanco Tequila are blended together to create Vodkila.

Blended in Michigan, Vodkila is the world’s #1 Premium vodka & tequila infused spirit. 100% natural and distilled 8 times for added smoothness,

Vodkila is the perfect melange of these 2 spirits. Available in Straight 80 proof Original Watermelon.




Vodkila Straight can be served clean or mixed with fresh fruits – it pairs especially well with oranges, lemons and limes. Also perfect for a Cosmopolitan, a Long Island Ice Tea or the cocktail of your choice. A unique feature of Vodkila is the flavor palate has the proclivity to change depending on what it is partnered with.




Vodkila Watermelon can be enjoyed straight icy cold or mixed into your favorite cocktail for a new taste sensation.

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