Silk Vodka

World-renowned for its premium vodka, Russia has produced vodka since the 14th century. “Little Water” or Vodka in Russian is one of the world’s most popular spirits in the world. Until the 1950’s, Vodka was rarely consumed outside of Europe. That changed and by the mid-1970’s when affluent younger consumers embraced a more relaxed lifestyle and an enhanced sense of adventure they began to explore the spirits category. Vodka’s popularity soared and Vodka became the most popular spirit in the United States.

SV Supreme redefines the super-premium vodka category with a natural smoothness previously not available in Russian vodka. SV is artisinally-crafted using hundreds of years of heritage combined with the best of 21st century distilling techniques resulting in a crystal clear vodka with a smooth as silk texture and body.

Filtered fourteen times through five different varieties of mountain crystals and minerals…crystal quartz, morion, chalcedony, topaz, and opal…that polish SV, Silk to an unparalleled level of natural smoothness.

Robert Plotkin of Bar Media describes Silk as “When you think about Russian vodka, most people will conjure the image of a classically structured spirit with a lean, yet muscular body, a discernible nose and a palate offering waves and waves of flavor.

While SV Silk Vodka matches the profile, it does so with great sophistication and finesse. The vodka is crystal clear with a silky smooth texture and featherweight body. The aroma of sweet grain highlights its generous, pleasant bouquet. The fun really begins through when it fills the mouth with delectable grain and malty flavors that persist long into the flawless finish. Now here’s a vodka worthy of hoarding from your friends.”

You just know when it’s silk

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